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Travertine in interior design.
Travertine (lime tuff) is environmentally friendly natural material. Properties located between limestone and marble. Travertine easy to handle as limestone and as durable as marble. Often travertine has calm natural shades - from light gray to cream, but you can find more vivid colors. There are several ways to use this stone in interior decoration in office and residential premises.

Travertine tiles are perfect for covering walls completely. The light weight of tiles does not create additional load walls. Covering stack in the form of pattern, selecting necessary drawing. Natural colors of stone will create unobtrusive cozy atmosphere in the room. Bright colors will complement and make highlight in solid interior.

белый мрамор

Travertine is not only for walls. Floor is tiled with travertine, completely non-slip even in wet or soapy condition. This property allows you to use this material as flooring in showers, bathrooms, swimming pools. Travertine does not require special care products, just wash it with water in addition of non-aggressive detergents. Wear resistance and abrasion resistance make it possible active use such tiles in arrangement of floors in kitchens and dining rooms. Knife or other object that cover floor doesn't harm it. Limestone has high level of adhesion, so grout between tiles penetrates deep into material, which eliminates discrepancy of seams after time. Travertine, due to natural origin, is warm material, so don't need to arrangement of floor heating system in the room.

мраморные карьеры

Travertine looks amazing in decoration individual elements and in combination with other materials. Fireplace area, made of travertine and glass, looks great. In corridors, railing and stairs look elegant of with this material. The combination of travertine with wood will emphasize ecological direction in interior. Thanks to unique pattern, window sills, sinks, countertops, columns and other elements will always look harmonious in interior. Relatively low price, compared with marble, and decorative appearance make travertine popular material in creation of modern interior.

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