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Панно из мрамора. Панно из гранита. Панно из оникса.
Marble panel have been used by man to decorate walls and floor for centuries. Panel make space elegance an interior or an exterior, individual, also emphasize the status of owner.

Panel is big picture consists by various decorative materials. Panel solves not only aesthetic problems. Thus, it may contain information about purpose of building or depict the company's symbols. Stone panel look organically in Alliance with facing materials in various minerals — granite, malachite, coil, marble.

Our company have high level of technical equipment of production, the Art Prima Materia company can make for you panel with marble, granite and onyx according to individual sketch.

If you order mosaic panel, you will decorate the interior of your home or office with real masterpiece that will add exclusivity and demonstrate your excellent artistic taste.
Panel made of natural stone can be covered on the floor, ceiling or walls – absolutely unpretentious detail of interior, which will look great in any part of house or apartment. Artistic value of product will be added by different types of stone rocks that create a panel: marble, travertine, onyx or granite. With help of special technologies, possible to create beautiful panel for every taste with marble, granite and onyx .
Marble panel is perfectly combined with facing materials, natural stone tiles and countertops. You can order and buy panel made of natural stone in company "Art Prima Materia".
Features of natural
stone panel
Stone products are valued for their durability and naturalness, they emphasize taste of their owners. panel can be created in form of mosaics or rosettes (round ornament). Marble mosaics on the wall will decorate living room or dining room, they also look good in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom. If decor is made in non-residential premises (business center, restaurant, shop), the scope of design ideas has no boundaries. Mosaic panel of granite and marble increase prestige of venue and make it attractive to customers.

Advantages of using stone panel:
-resistance to moisture and temperature changes;
-wide range of stone;
-color fastness, maintaining tone of the picture;
-easy take care of material.

The company "Art Prima Materia" create stone mosaic with high qualified material marble, onyx, travertine and granite, using various techniques processing natural material. Stone can be polished till mirror shine or artificially "aged". With help of modern design ideas, we create abstract drawings, paintings and portraits of stone.

Successfully selected natural stone with different textures and shades helps to create three-dimensional magestic masterpieces. Any design solution with use of stone panel in interior will look beautiful and elegant.

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