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мраморные плиты
Marble tiles in interior decoration and facade cladding, in construction of variety protective structures, construction sites near house and office. No one natural stone has such flair of nobility and elegance as marble. Combine extraordinary "appearance", extent capricious nature and felt "hard" character.

What is tile of marble?

Such products are made of natural stone in form of tiles different sizes. They don't afraid of temperature fluctuations, can take participation in any region, don't afraid moisture, dirt and high loads. But this is not the whole list of advantages.

Some reasons to buy tiles of marble :

1. You know that color of natural stone depends on the region of deposit. We sell products brought from different parts of world, so we can offer variety of "branded" colors – with brown, white or pink veins.
2. We realize marble slabs wholesale and retail, and also we offer to order any products from natural stone (table-tops, window sills, ladders from marble, fireplaces...).
3. We can make you the best price offer.

Still in doubt, to order or buy marble slabs? Give us a call! Dispel any doubts.

On our website you can see samples of magnificent natural stone on the page "catalog of marble". Despite the fact that stone processing company "ART PRIMA MATERIA" tried to present all popular color preferences of buyers on market, colors presented here represent only small part of variety manifestations of nature in this natural stone.
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