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What are its advantages and features of choice
How look well-known and popular material today, marble? Rock with grainy-crystalline, internal structure. Formed by recrystallization of limestone and dolomite rocks under influence of high temperature and pressure.

Today, in construction industry, this term also means other transitional carbonate rocks that easy processed by grinding, for example, marbled limestone, carbonate breccias and conglomerates, dense dolomite.

белый мрамор

Advantages of marble

Completely colorless material easy to grind and other types of processing. Unique property provides with many uses. Another indisputable advantage of marble is durability. Able to maintain original shape and appearance for long time without cracking.

Rules and selection criteria

In order not to make mistake in choosing marble, you should get acquainted with modern range, as well as to determine budget for purchase. You can buy marble today without any special difficulties, you just need to choose any ad you like and contact the supplier.

When you buy marble, you should pay attention to number of important parameters that determine final cost of material. These primarily include:

1) size;
2) thickness;
3) volume;
4) region of origin;
5) the complexity of the transportation;
6) mining features;
7) shade;
8) surface pattern.

мраморные карьеры

Texture and color of marble determined primarily by presence of various mineral additives. For example, marble become black because graphite and bituminous impurities, and red — iron oxide. Presence of certain impurities can both improve and worsen decorative properties of material.

The pattern of marble is determined by direction of cutting and features of internal structure. That is why material acquires an attractive shade and pattern after polishing.

Features and applications

There are many scope of marble. Ideal material for manufacture of monuments and facing various kinds of objects. Indispensable in creation of round sculptures, reliefs and mosaic compositions, manufacture of countertops and flowerpots, facing fountains and fireplaces, the construction of stair structures and arrangement of floors.

The greatest demand today observed for Italian marble mined in Carrara, and yellow Greek marble. Large-scale deposits of this material also available in Russia (Krasnoyarsk Area, Altai Area, Ural, far East and Karelia), the USA, South and North Africa, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan and other countries.

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