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Marble in interior design.
мрамор для отделки
Marble, as a finishing material, can conquer anyone. It radiates a special dignity and nobility. Interiors with its use look stylish, sophisticated and respectable. Due to the unique design, pleasant texture, variety of shades and semitones, marble fits well into the modern interiors. With it, you can achieve exceptional design.
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world of marble.
The magnificence of marble was first appreciated by the Greeks. They were attracted not only by its ductility during processing but also by the absolute smoothness and brilliance of the finished product. Marble is a unique rock formation.
He is able to overflow even in the twilight, possessing almost hypnotic brilliance. This property was liked by architects and designers, so marble was everywhere used for interior decoration.
There are several varieties of this rock. Most often white marble is used for interior design. Its main producer today is Italy. White marble without a single vein is considered the benchmark of this rock. It looks great in minimalist interiors, giving a special austerity to the room.
No less popular among designers and gray marble. It has a rich palette of shades and several types of texture: from large to fine-grained. Gray polished marble is most often used for interior design of bathrooms and where it is possible to beat advantageously the texture and unique pattern of veins and inclusions. It has very good wear-resistant performance, so it is most often used for interior decoration both inside and outside.
But one of the rarest varieties is blue marble. He received this color due to the content in its composition of iron sulfide. There are very few deposits of this rock in the world, so blue marble is quite an expensive material for interior decoration. Amazing colors allow you to use it not only as the dominant color, but also to create accent spots in combination with other shades.

Marble is a very versatile material. It fits into many designs and naturally blends in with its surroundings. White marble is an indispensable material for interior decoration in a classic style.
Its sophistication and polish make it possible to create a truly expensive and at the same time concise design. Marble in the classic interior plays an important role, becoming a full-fledged element of the whole interior concept.
Styles such as Baroque, Empire, and Rococo cannot do without this material. Very often, white marble is complemented with other colors of this breed, creating stunning combinations of shades and tones. With its help they make out the elements typical for these styles: columns, arches, stairs, bas-reliefs, stands for flowerpots and sculptures.
Modern trends look minimalistic and urbanized. This is a real realm of glass and concrete. Straight graphic lines, the severity of colors, logical proportions and geometric shapes look great on the background of natural marble.
It is used in the popular high-tech style, combining with glass and chrome elements. Marble as accent details looks great in lofts, and brutal industrial interiors are brought to perfection with the help of dark shades of this rock.
The variability of marble makes it possible to use it not only as an independent element for interior decoration, but also in combination with other materials and textures.
One of the most beautiful and concise design of the bathroom is the use of marble as a finishing material. The velvety texture of the rock creates a noble atmosphere in this room, and delicate pastel play of colors allows you to visually expand the boundaries.
Marble can be used absolutely for any surfaces, and in order to make the room not look boring, preference is given to natural marble with a pronounced texture. Appearance often depends on the quality of the rock. Expensive varieties of marble have a large pattern of veins and inclusions. Therefore, in order to emphasize the advantages of elite marble, use large solid layers.

If there is no pronounced pattern in the material, then it can be cut into separate small segments and decorate the room with them, using various display techniques.
The marble bathroom interior is very organic and holistic. This material promotes relaxation and peace.
It is best to use white or light gray marble to finish the walls and the floor, as it doesn't see water stains so much and is easier to clean.

In order for a solid interior to not become boring over time, bright accent details are used, for example, contrast plumbing, furniture, accessories and textiles.

Marble is a great choice for decorating work surfaces in the kitchen. It produces beautiful table tops, window sills and aprons. Marble in the interior looks very presentable and expensive.
In the kitchen in classic style or modern style you can find marble floors. These areas favor the use of expensive materials, so this finish favorably emphasizes their strengths.
Marble goes well with wood, so the marble worktop will look very advantageous against the background of a country-style kitchen. It can be both facing of a bar counter, and a working zone or a window sill. Beautiful sinks are made of marble, which in tandem with vintage mixers will harmoniously fit into the interior in Provence style.

Marble will decorate the kitchen with a modern design. The glossy table top is not only very practical, but also looks impeccable. With its help, you can enhance the effect of the dominant color in the finish, but you can play on the contrast.
Using marble in the interior of the kitchen, do not forget about caring for him. He is afraid of aggressive detergents that we used to use. Marble is a porous material. It absorbs liquids very actively, so a stain of coffee or red wine can be a serious problem.
Marble countertops require mandatory protective coating.
These are mainly special products that protect the material from abrasion and external impact. They are environmentally friendly and safe for humans.
If your home lacks finesse and gloss, turn your attention to marble. He passed through the centuries with dignity and managed to adapt to the modern trends in design and architecture. Marble is a material that cannot disappoint.

Art Prima Materia is engaged in the mining, transportation and cutting of natural marble. You can buy marble in slabs, place an order for a specific project, or select individual interior elements, such as a window sill, table top, sink, fireplace, and other details. Art Prima Materia values its customers and guarantees the quality of the material and timeliness of delivery. The company offers favorable conditions for cooperation to design studios specializing in business and premium class interiors.
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