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Marble finishing in modern interiors
мрамор для отделки
Marble is durable, plastic material with glossy surface known since ancient times. Julius Caesar introduced tradition of decorating homes, nowadays, marble is epitome of luxury. Even small areas, decorated with natural stone, give interior chic look. Marble occupies special place among other types of stones: layered structure opens up wealth of shades, and variety of drawings allows you to create unique look of living spaces for many years.
купить мрамор
One of the best qualities of marble it is warm and pleasant natural stone. Style of house created with natural stone is suitable for people who choose reliability and durability. The peculiarity of marble finish is that over time, stone doesn't lose qualities and acquires additional style and charm. Appeared crack or chip, makes interior more lively and cozy. People decorated buildings with marble for centuries, and proof in marble products that have come down to us from ancient centuries.

Marble finishing of large halls has perfect combination of price / quality. Often, marble slabs create such interiors, which seriously benefit in purchase price, but lose in operational qualities; additional processing and care is required. Slabs as finishing material, allows achieve 100% of identity interior, after all each drawing of plate is unique, and also allows to save on cut.
When imagination of designers is limitless, the creating masterpieces with marble also not limited to anything. Marble can take participation in any area of building, both in the interior and exterior. You can see marble in elegant halls, living rooms, bathrooms, portals and fireplaces. Moldings, cornices, skirting boards, decorative borders of stone open up large space for design ideas. Marble goes well with wood, glass and metal, classical suitable for any style.
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Art Prima Materia company is engaged in production, transportation and cutting of natural marble. You can buy marble in slabs, make an order for specific project, or choose individual elements of interior, such as window sill, table top, sink, fireplace and other details. "Art Prima Materia" values customers and guarantees quality of material and timely delivery. The company offers favorable conditions for cooperation to design studios specializing in business and premium class interiors.

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