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Unique properties of marble. Amazing features. Taste. Style.
столешница из гранита
Unique decorative properties one of the most attractive properties of marble. Due to the magical relief of this natural stone, widely used in construction since ancient times. In production, thanks to the latest technologies, possible to obtain marble blocks of various sizes and shapes. Application is wide.
The advantage of marble is any polished piece is unique particle. Each vein of marble attracts attention, you sharpen your eyes on it and realize that this is endless game of intricate veins. As blood flows in human body through the veins, and these veins resemble some anatomy of this beautiful stone.
купить мрамор
It's beautiful
Marble very elegantly reflects rays of light, shimmers and takes constantly new attractive appearance. For such game, for such feature of marble is very fond of designers. Allows us make interior memorable touch to rigors and brutality.

Since ancient times, builders loved this natural stone for pliability, strength and decorative qualities. Both quality were taking participation in cladding of buildings and created whole mosaic compositions. Due to the fact that marble is fine-grained, can be easily processed, which allows to make various shapes out of it, and fact that marble after polishing acquires completely different, unforgettable look make it favorite stone rulers of those times.

Marble was widely used as facing material. At the same time, can be used both in polished form and in form of texture of small chips. Properties of marble allow it to be in external facing. Doesn't break or lose appearance. Necessary to remember that marble needs worthy leaving. In addition to external use, marble is also widely used in interior decoration. Office space, conference room, exhibition complex or bathroom, no matter. Marble everywhere will feel "at home". Any product faced with marble or completely made of acquires, will make status of unique element in any interior. Rich look stairs made of marble with balusters and railings made of the same material. Just gorgeous view of fireplaces lined with marble will gather whole family around the dark, cold evenings.

Besides the fact that marble is very self-sufficient, widely used in conjunction with other finishing materials such as wood, metal or ceramics. Fireplace made with elements of forged products looks rich in interior.

Marble gained great popularity in area formation of mosaics to decorate paths and alleys, as well as art in which mosaics collect the whole picture. Natural stone in this area has been recognized in ancient times. Therefore, the creation of mosaic compositions of marble is kind of art that came to us from distant times. Imagine picture made of marble. They have reached us since ancient times and have not changed. They practically did not turn pale and kept riot of colors.

Marble is magic.
Decorators design to divide marble into white, gray and color, color of marble doesn't play big role, but plays in the areas of application and processing methods. Let us explain in more detail what their differences.

White marble is the most fragile in contrast to their counterparts. That's why we try don't use it extenal. Because it is fragile, such marble is subject to changes under influence of weather conditions - as a result of it can turn yellow and be covered with spots.

Gray marble is stronger in structure and can be processed without any problems. Less susceptible to weather conditions, which allows to use in both internal and external processing.

Color in properties doesn't inferior to gray marble, but value higher due to aesthetic properties. There's huge amount colors of marble in nature. Sometimes color doesn't play big role, but veins which run across the stone lengthwise or crosswise capture attention. There's marble combines shades of two or more colors. Such stone will perfect fit in external application, and in internal.
Despite variety of species, both external and structural, marble is a very "soft" stone. Structure does not always cope with external operating conditions. Stairs, window sills, countertops-here marble looks great, and will serve faithfully longer than other types of materials, in durability, marble inferior to granite. Strength of latter and elegance of marble among masters and designers is considered to be granite - the outer material, and marble inside.

Granite is more uniform in external indicators, structure is not as beautiful as structure of marble, when creating balusters, stairs indoors, as well as countertops, window sills and facing fireplaces choose marble.

Properties of marble.
Scientists mastering rocks, refers marble to medium density, that's why easy to Polish. There are several types of such rock: marble, marbled limestone, dense dolomite, carbonate breccias and carbonate conglomerates. There are other minerals and organic compounds and organic compounds in tructure of marble. That's why, quality and decorative effect is determined.

Market presents huge number of cladding materials. There is such kind of marble as artificial marble. Differer from natural because made by man. At the same time repeating theoretically ideal structure of natural marble. In our next articles we will reveal topic of other cladding materials in more detail, so stay with us.

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