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3 important tips.
мрамор алматы
First of all, you need understand what kind of product will be made of marble. For example, the interior decoration takes into account the thickness and density of stone. You should also know features of the room. High humidity can damage marble if wrong composition is chosen. In such cases, recommended to acquire the most fine-grained structure. If room is dry, on contrary, you can choose marble with large grains. Marble catalogue can be found here.
как выбрать мрамор
Secondly, worth pay attention to appearance of stone, because there are many varieties. For home interior is recommended to buy stone with smooth and vague pattern without clear patterns. If we are talking about decoration of offices and public institutions, you can choose marble with pronounced pattern, which has colored inclusions. Color selected under general palette of room.
Third, we recommend to check stone before buying. Should you run your hand over the surface: there should be no protruding parts. You can also ask company employee to measure the stone. The permissible deviation is 2 mm starting in declared. Inspect marble should be in good light, if marble covered with dust, then should be wiped.

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