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Art Prima Materia company offers our customers aesthetic, beautiful and luxurious hamams, lined with natural stone and organized in strict accordance with classical principles of Turkish bath.
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Now a today it is prestigious and practical maintain health in your own Hammam made of marble! Hamam-is traditional Turkish bath, which appeared in the East many millennia ago.

Marble is the best use for construction of Hamam. Marble is safe and hypoallergenic, often used in operating rooms.

Marble is wonderful natural antiseptic!

Natural stone for design of Eastern steam room allows you to create unique healing microclimate in it, which will save you from physical and emotional stress, give inner peace and genuine cleansing, strengthen the immune system and increase efficiency.
Art prima materia. blog.


Among huge selection of natural stone for decoration of bath, most customers prefer marble . Firstly of all, it is centuries-old tradition, and, secondly, beauty of marble will not leave indifferent any people. This noble stone allows you to create stunning aesthetics in room of the Turkish bath, with first glance will take you into magical world of water rituals and traditions of bathing of the East.


Marble is used for decoration for all elements of Hamam: bathrooms, benches, columns, massage tables, bowls for rinsing, decorative accessories (panels, sculptures), etc. Walls and decorative elements are also decorated with marble tiles or mosaics. The main architectural feature of the Turkish bath is presence of vaults, which allows gathering condensate not to drip down, causing discomfort to visitors, but smoothly flow down, creating variety of intricate patterns and ornaments on marble surface.


Granit is often used for finishing design of the Turkish bath. This rock is inferior to marble in a variety of patterns and colors. Granite with an extraordinary color, for example, blue, red, pink, brown, occurs in nature much less often than marble stone of similar colors, so the cost of such material is slightly higher. According to point view of aesthetics, hamam made of granite not as attractive as marble counterparts.

Operational and physico-chemical properties, the natural granite has the best indicators of hardness and durability, practically don't have mechanical damage (abrasion, crumbling, scratches), resistant to high temperatures, does not absorb moisture, does not emit harmful substances. Granite as natural stone allows you to create comfortable and healing microclimate in the room, provides natural ventilation. Granite material, as well as marble, does not whimsical in care, does not require the use of expensive cleaning solutions and easy clean.

Hamam made of natural stone is your own corner of health and beauty

Marble for hamam. Granite for hamam.
Hamams (Turkish baths) except all useful qualities have now become fashionable attribute of luxury housing. Every year they become more and more popular. Today, it is important have your own Hamam at home, prestigious and in spirit of the time.

Of course, if this is a real Hammam, made by all the rules.

Prestige. Hamam made of natural stone will become status element of your house interior or city apartment, certainly attracting attention and causing delight of your friends.

Practicality. Natural marble does not harm the constant humidity of Hamam. It doesn't covered by bacterial films, unlike ceramics, and therefore extremely hygienic.

Heat capacity. Natural stone has unique ability to accumulate heat and keep constant temperature. Natural stone cools down more slowly than ceramics and artificial acrylic stone, thus preserving the unique atmosphere of real Hamam.

Reliability and durability. Natural stone doesn't afraid of temperature changes and has high strength and resistance to abrasion. Hamam made of natural stone will serve you for decades, fully preserving magnificent internal appearance.

Why Hamam which made with Natural stone is the best choice

Marble for hamam. Granite for hamam.

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