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Advantages of granite
steps for stairs

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Granite steps for stairs have a number of advantages:

*) do not deform;
*) do not fade;
*) take care for them is quite simple;
*) ecological compatibility;
*) variety of colors and textures;
*) composition of stone makes it possible to produce different edges, apply reliefs and drawings.

гранитные ступени

Steps made of granite for street fit for all seeking to give outer porch front view, while being confident in the reliability of design. Granite steps for stairs have some disadvantages-for example, inability to hide seams and joints of plates, need to attract professionals for quality installation of all components of structure. However, these disadvantages do not play an important role, because natural beauty of granite fascinates, and cost makes granite steps affordable luxury.

granite stairs

Granite stairs - the main decoration of any room. Due to its properties, granite does not lose its attractiveness after dozens of years of intensive exploitation, because now it is in great demand.
Any building has a more solid appearance when its porch is decorated with granite steps. The steps of granite are not only safe and have an aesthetic appearance, but also practical. They can be of different shapes, straight and curvilinear, and according to the method of installation they are divided into solid and overhead. Despite the harsh climate, granite steps demonstrate reliability and durability, so the demand for the production of steps from granite is steadily increasing.
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