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Мрамор. Гранит. Травертин.
Small architectural forms and decorative products made of natural stone important components in creation of facade ensemble and interior, landscape and urban improvement. The scope of products made of natural stone is wide. There is no doubt that the best material for construction for all times was natural stone.

Decorative products made of natural stone will transform the external and internal space, create desired atmosphere. Interior details of marble and granite favorably emphasize sense of style and prestige of their owner.

Architectural elements necessary create appearance of house an element of uniqueness. Thanks to them you will be able to realize the most daring architectural ideas and design solutions using marble, onyx, granite, limestone, travertine, dolomite. Unique pattern, rich color palette and qualities such as strength and durability — no one material withstand competition with natural stone.

"Art Prima Materia" company offers for your attention columns, pilasters, balusters, pedestals, parapets, keystones and other natural stone products that will help to create spectacular ensemble in desired style.

Granite and marble columns have always emphasized the elegance and grandeur of building. Today, stone columns are used as decorative element to create facades of buildings and interior space.
Columns made of stone have base-lower foundation, and the capital-the upper part. The column is round, and the decoration of the base and capitals can be different. The building, which has columns or semi-columns made of natural stone, looks magestic.

Stone ball is one the most popular decorative items. Different sizes - used in open areas, and also in interior of house. Striking with ideal forms, creates unique impression.

Recently, granite balls have become favorite elements of designers and architects. We increasingly meet them in architecture of city and private properties. They fit harmoniously into any ensemble and give it a finished look.

Keystone provides safety of external window border and door openings.

In addition, it is great element of decor – use gives building monumental, profitable emphasizing individual fragments. For example, if you want to highlight the wall masonry – it will contrast perfectly with other elements of exterior decor. Also, the facade of house will look harmonious if castle stones and basement are made of the same rock, for example, limestone.

Architectural and decorative products made of natural stone are also used for urban improvement: decoration of parks, squares, alleys and pedestrian areas. The most popular and familiar to all are urns, benches, flower beds, Parking limiters (bollards). The most important requirement for elements of urban life is durability, strength and aesthetics. Natural stone is combine with all requirements. The impression made by unique and complex product of natural stone is amazing, impression can't be bought for any money.

The cost of architectural and decorative products is calculated individually and depends on many factors: stone deposits, manufacturing complexity, size, quantity.
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