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Столешницы из мрамора и гранита
Special devices for bathrooms, capable of performing number of useful functions, are countertops. Such products particularly practical, can form an extremely good impression.

Taking into account all these characteristics of countertops, you should choose design that would best fit interior of bathroom. Some rooms in the house doesn't play any role if there's no countertops, especially in the kitchen. Therefore, range of materials used for their manufacture is expanding all the time.

However, not all materials have high level of strength. This point must be taken into account when buying tabletop for bathroom.

Most often use countertops in bathrooms made of stone (artificial and natural) and glass. Less commonly use mosaic (glass and ceramic), tiles, natural wood and MDF.

Each owner of house tries to make bathroom as attractive, cozy and pleasant as possible. Perfectly cope with this task will help natural materials.

Since bathrooms have special requirements for items in them, recommended to use natural stone countertops. This is ideal option for this kind of premises. Today difficult to find more rigorous and reliable material than granite, and more noble and refined coating than onyx or marble.

Good alternative to natural stone is artificial "brother". Also has number of indisputable advantages, thanks to high demand among many consumers.

Artificial stone made from crumbs of natural counterpart, gaps between particles filled with acrylic. The table top made of such combined material has special properties, and during operation perfectly resists high humidity.

Consumers price table tops, teak and oak of array, used extensively in shipbuilding industry. This is suitable material for bathroom, because table top, will not swim in it. This kind of product can last up to 20 years, although many manufacturers give guarantee for such products only 3 years.
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