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Art Prima Materia

Marble countertops.
Granite countertops.

Countertops made of natural stone comfortable in use. The material has unique aura. Absorbs earth's natural energy. Therefore, natural stone spreads atmosphere of comfort in the kitchen. Reviews of such products, always positive.
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Art Prima Materia


Despite universal properties of stone, we have recommendations for use. Granite is the best for countertops in the kitchen. There never will remain traces of coloring products (wine, beets) and cutting objects on the table. A variety of colors and textures of granite will help you to choose table top to any set – it can be table top made of granite for different styles: from "Provence" to "Modern". In addition, granite countertop can be polished or processed in style of "antique time" for making an old texture.
Art Prima Materia


Perfect variant for countertops in the bathroom is marble. This stone will easily withstand all the tests of high humidity bathroom and high decorative marble will give your interior special charm. Also do not forget that marble has excellent bactericidal and hygienic properties.
Art Prima Materia


Another area where stone countertops often used is barbecue areas. This is almost an open-air kitchen, so, like another kitchen, stone countertops made for barbecue areas and make granite, which doesn't fade under light of sun and easily tolerate daily and seasonal temperature changes. In this area, granite countertops have no equal.


Marble countertops. Granite countertops.
Marble and granite countertops are highly resistant to abrasion, scratches, temperature changes, moisture, they are shockproof and durable, and easy to take care. But all this is mandatory requirement for surfaces in aggressive environment of the kitchen and bathroom. For pragmatic Housewives, important to make almost invisible any dirt such as dust granite table top, as well as marble table top, thanks to its texture and natural pattern, this trouble is easy solve. As a result, your kitchen will always look neat.

However, should be noted that marble has porous structure that's why marble more "capricious" than granite, and requires careful attitude. In addition to technical advantages, marble and granite countertops have undeniable aesthetic advantages, valued in all times.

Countertops made of natural stone – super-practical and exquisitely beautiful.

It's very easy to order granite and marble countertops from our company! For achieving this, you have to determine the basic parameters and call a specialist for measurements, drawing up and calculating the full cost.

Natural color palette of natural stone is extremely diverse. Variations of a combination of various shades, the invoice and individual drawing of a stone allow to create; granite and marble table-tops for every taste, and to enter them in any interior. Our company works with marble, granite and travertine. All materials have radiation safety certificates.

Come to us, our experts will provide you with detailed catalogs, help you choose the material that meets all your requirements – color, performance properties, price.

Marble and granite countertops bring a special atmosphere to the interior, and here you can realize all your design dreams.


Marble countertops. Granite countertops.

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