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The main characteristics of granite: the advantages and other characteristics of the tops of natural material
столешница из гранита
For the design of kitchen sets, modern designers use a fairly wide range of materials, both natural and artificial. In the elite and practical interiors of the same popular tabletop made of granite. The stone has proven itself in everyday life due to its high operational potential combined with aesthetic characteristics.
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What to draw
Great mechanical strength. This property allows the monolith to maintain the original appearance for several years. The polishing procedure helps to restore the gloss lost over time, and occasionally appearing fine scratches and chips are eliminated by concomitant grinding.

Resistance to environmental factors. The density of the granite structure makes it impervious to liquid contamination. Indifferent material to temperature changes and overheating. However, it is not recommended to abuse this characteristic: it is better to use coasters for hot pots, pans, plates, cups, etc.

Undemanding care. Maintaining the purity of granite is easy enough if you take into account its density and immunity to pollution, as well as the fact that the material is an unfavorable environment for the development of bacteria. In the process of cleaning it is recommended to use mild, including probiotic, detergents. The mixtures based on acids, containing large abrasive particles, as well as metal brushes are definitely prohibited. Regular rough handling results in loss of gloss by the table top.

The severity of the material. Natural granite has a significant weight, so it is important to assess the strength of the stand and the floor, to carry out the necessary work to strengthen them before ordering a product.

The natural palette of the stone is so diverse that it allows you to pick up the tabletop to almost any color concept in the interior. When ordering granite in Almaty or in any other city, it makes sense to look at the bright shades (white, yellow, pink), which are distinguished by good compatibility with most colors.

Art Prima Materia is engaged in mining, transporting and cutting marble, granite and travertine around the world. You can buy natural stones, make an order for a specific project, or select individual interior elements, such as a window sill, tabletop, sink, fireplace, balusters and other details. Art Prima Materia values its customers and guarantees the quality of the material and timeliness of delivery. The company offers favorable conditions for cooperation to design studios specializing in business and premium class interiors.
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