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Types of travertine. History of origin. Characteristic.
травертин в алматы
Travertine is porous limestone formed with calcium carbonate deposition from hot or cold sources. Often contains imprints of plants and sometimes shells of terrestrial or freshwater gastropods. Compared to dense limestone has lower density, cellular, more frequent inclusions shells. The presence of caverns, layering inherent in travertine, create on surface of treated stone drawings, emphasizing texture and color.
травертин в алматы
Travertine is stronger than onyx, but weaker than marble. Travertine is for cladding floors, walls, and sometimes ceilings. Travertine is easy to process, and due to lower density of stone, made of travertine parts and structures have less weight with sufficient strength. Leads to active use in creation of elements, external and internal cladding. Travertine belongs to moderately erasable natural stones therefore can be as material for steps of ladders and decorative elements of floor in places with low passability.
Most colors of travertine presented in framework from pale cream to Golden-Kranich. Rarely natural stone has bright yellow and red colors.
Travertine has physicochemical and decorative properties in the world that's why travertine has gained great popularity in the last few years. Previously use for interior and exterior decoration of buildings, but qualitative change in final processing became possible, only now thanks to high-tech equipment of latest generation. Travertine tiles can be longitudinal and cross-cutting. In this case, travertine plate obtained by cross-cutting and appropriate treatment has wood texture.
First deposits of travertine were discovered in Italy, still one of leading producers. In addition, travertine is extracted in Greece, Kyrgyzstan, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Mexico, Peru, Iran and other countries.

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